Something extra?

Something extra?

June 29, 2020 1 Comment

I've added a little option on the check-out page for customers to add a little tip. The tip can be a percentage, or an amount in euros. Tips are very much appreciated, and they help me make more female muscle comics (this is the income that I'm living off). 

Below (below the picture of the georgeous female bodybuilder) you can see a screenshot of the tip fields. If you are downloading a free comic and leave a tip, obviously you should choose "custom tip", cause a percentage of zero is zero :-)

Thank you very much! Me and the Amazons appreciate your support


big female bodybuilder with big boobstips for the amazon women


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Will Boma
Will Boma

July 25, 2020

Oh GOD !!! THESE Incredible Muscle Amazons make feel so weak i fall to the floor my legs give out. Good thing is I can get up on my knees. So I can Worship These amazing world Leaders!!!

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