Looking for a proofreader / editor

Looking for a proofreader / editor

April 14, 2021 2 Comments

My amazons always beat me up when they find a mistake in a comic about them. Being controlled by an amazon is fun, until it really hurts. So I decided to try to enlist some help. I'm looking for someone who can proofread my comics before publication, correct errors, and where necessary will improve the writing.

This person should be very proficient at English (native speaker or similar by studies or experience) and have an eye for detail. Experience with proofreading or editing is obviously a plus.

This is not a paid job, but obviously all the comics you proofread, you get to read for free (before anyone else), plus you get coupons for other comics.

This would be about editing one or two comics per month (comics either by me or by other creators). Usually there's not a very tight deadline.

Applications are closed now.


looking for proofreader

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Julian R.
Julian R.

May 04, 2021

Hey, I want to proof your Comics before you post them. I really like strong girls. So my question is, can i ask for more detail on the girls if i like? If nit it is also okay. You can write me an email if i can proof your comics n_n


April 28, 2021

I like your work but I want more sexy strong young girl

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