What 2021 (and beyond) will bring to Amazonias

What 2021 (and beyond) will bring to Amazonias

December 30, 2020 16 Comments

2020 has been the weirdest year ever, for humanity in general. Zooming in, my little business of female muscle comics has not been affected. I have been able to do my work and sell my comics like usual, fortunately. I thought I'd take the end of the year to give you a brief overview of upcoming comics, and below that you'll find two ideas that I might execute at a later stage.

Let me know in comment what you're most looking forward to!


Upcoming female muscle comics

There's quite a few comics already planned, both by me and by others. Some of the titles are preliminary. Here we go:

Female muscle comics by me (James Stilton)

Muscles in the Family (10 parts and counting)

I've teased you a number of times with some previews of this comic series (the title is preliminary), but as of this day it is still not finished. It is now already nine chapters, and there will be at least a tenth and maybe more. I have chosen to start publishing the first chapters only when I'm entirely done with the whole series, because sometimes at a later point, I want to go back and change something in the beginning. If that earlier part has been published already, that is of course not possible. Nevertheless, as this series keeps getting longer, I think I will start with the first chapter soon, even if I'm not done. 

In any case, I think it's maybe my best work so far and it will be worth the wait. The series tells the story of the sisters Hannah & Hailey, and Leon, who they call their brother but who is in fact from a different dad. Hannah and Hailey have a crush on Leon, find out about his preference for muscular women, and start on a path to become huge musclegirls.

Here are a few previews (I'm showing you only pics of the first two chapters, and am keeping how the girls look later a surprise).

strong musclegirl lets him feel her bicep

musclegirl taller than her brother

Two musclesisters

brother and stronger sisters

The Bride 3

This will be the final part of The Bride. Things will seriously heat up in this chapter. Personally I think that Zrinka is one of the sexiest muscle goddesses I have ever created (maybe I'll bring her back in another comic as well).

muscular female bride

The Shy Girl

A simple simple female muscle comic of, yes, a shy girl who's afraid to approach the short guy she fancies. Of course they get together anyway. 

she lets him feel her biceps

Bigger Belynda

This is a comic that's mainly growth scenes. Belynda is a tiny girl who always loses against her boyfriend. She wishes that just for one day she's bigger than him, and finds herself being able to control her height and size at will! Her boyfriend is in for a treat!

huge girl and short boy

Climbing Mount Megan

In this female muscle comic, the incredibly tall, huge and strong female bodybuilder Megan challenges the guys in her class as follows: she will date anyone who is able to kiss her on the lips. That might sound easy, but Megan will make sure that it isn't...

female bodybuilder is much taller


Caught features a huge female bodybuilder caught speeding by... a much smaller cop. He'll wish he'd never stopped her.

huge musclewoman behind the wheel


Throughout the year I'm sure I'll start some new series, and of course I will also continue other series like Twice your Size and Big Sister


Female muscle comics by others (James Stilton)

Power (Dick Justice)

Another story about a cop, but this time a female one, who stops a guy in traffic, and later looks him up in his home. This will be the first comic for which I wrote the script and someone else made the illustrations.

female muscle cop

Muscle Crush 3 (Lecter38)

The continuation of this very juicy story. As I think you have seen, Lecter has quickly improved his skills over the few comics he's done for me so far.

musclegirl spanks boy

The Volley Girls

A bit of a different one, with mini giantesses who are not ubermuscular, but still very fit and sexy. 

huge female volleyball players

The Bar Scene

Another comic featuring the huge musclegirls of Kycolv08 who brought us Muscle Romance and Bigger than the Boys.

huge female bodybuilder


Other related things I might do sometime

(let me know if you're interested in any of this).

At some point I might start writing some sort of a biography. It would be my story of how as a very young kid (I was six!) I discovered I loved to be dominated and overpowered by girls, and how I later discovered female bodybuilders. I want to talk about how I struggled with this fetish (which is still a big taboo and needs people coming out about it) and how later in life I found peace with it and actually made my job of it. Interwoven in the story, I'm considering to bring information, anecdotes and data of other, similar people, and to that end I'm interested in carrying out a serious survey among my customers and followers, investigating how they experienced this fetish, how they discovered it, struggled with it etc. 

I'm also considering writing an e-book about making a living by selling digital comics

I think you for your support. I want to emphasize that you're damaging me and my business when you publish my comics online or download them somewhere, rather than buying them. 
I wish you the very best for a virus-free 2021!


16 Responses


August 25, 2021

WOOW! I have recently discovered your comics and…they ARE FANTASTIC! AMAZING!… hUGE!! all my fantasies..realized.! I enjoyed very much Stepmom series…I hope it doesn’t end with the sixt episode…
a tip: a series with military Amazonians?
Bye I love amazonianz!


May 13, 2021

I really like ya material!!! My favourites are big sister and stepmom


February 24, 2021

A lot of these sound amazing! Nice work! I would love to see some more of Female Muscle Growth or the transfer comic (forgot the name), or even more of Girls that Grow or spinoffs!


January 29, 2021

Big sister series is the best series of comics. James very good imagination and good story that will definitely involve you in reading and laughing. Wish you all the best for your upcoming series in comics. Creating cartoon character and imagination is not easy. Kudos to your comics creation.


January 22, 2021

Awesome work! I have commented once about your Big Sister series, which probably is the best one, because a perfect blend of higher drawing skills (including facial expresions), psicological thrills and irresistible, sadistic and delicious domination in the opposite arrangement from what is normally expected, both in terms of gender and age. My main criticisme is about your stamps/watermarks with name, e-mail adresse, etc, in the pictures. I understand perfectly and agree with you about informing and insisting about not harming your work and income by cheating and sharing your stories without your permission. The last stories I bought have a really annoying and disctracting stamp in the very middle of the pages. I think that could hurt your business even more, because it makes really unatractive to keep buying. I guess it’s not easy to find the best way to solve the problem, but I would suggest that you try putting such stamps at the very top right (or left) of the pages or even better, at the sides, in vertical position. My last suggestions would be A) Whenever possible or appropiate to try avoiding repeating the same “big, strong arms” too much, perhaps trying other ways to express it, just some times, especially since the stories are illustrated. B) You have once mentioned the possibility of trying futa stories. I say go for it! Everything except futa on futa. It could expand your story specter and it could be a great success.
You are an extremely skillfull storyteller. I wish I had the skills and dedication aims to match it.

Enrique Castellar
Enrique Castellar

January 21, 2021

Boa noite!!! Se eu pedisse pra vocês contarem uma história com a minha imaginação, vocês fariam isso por mim? É que eu queria que vocês contassem uma história de um rapaz chamado Henry, de cor branca, calvo, olhos pretos, meio gordinho, 1,71m, 89kg, peludo, mas muito carinhoso, atencioso e bastante manhoso, que ama demais uma mulher bem mais alta que ele, um exemplo, de 2,11m de altura, bonitona, forte, musculosas, que gosta sempre de ser levantado e colocado no colo por uma dessas mulheres altas e musculosas!! Vocês inventariam qualquer história, um exemplo, de que um dia, Henry convidou sua amada, chamada Vitória, ela bem alta e musculosa para irem à um clube com uma piscina enorme, e que esse clube, a sua amada tinha comprado pra eles dois!! Chegando lá no clube, eles foram diretamente para a área da piscina, mas primeiro foram tomar um solzinho bem gostoso!! Eles se deitaram bem coladinhos na cadeira de tomar sol!! Na hora de entrarem na piscina, Henry pede para sua amada carregar ele no colo dela!!! Então a sua amada Vitória com todo prazer, carrega seu namorado Henry em seu colo e na mesma hora, ela tasca um beijo bem demorado e apaixonado na boca do seu amado Henry!!! Logo depois, Vitória vai entrando na piscina com seu amado Henry carregado em seu colo!!! Eles dois passam horas e horas dentro da piscina, se beijando apaixonadamente e de repente, Vitória pega Henry por debaixo dos braços dele e levanta-o lá no alto e o coloca em seu colo novamente!!! Logo Henry diz à sua amada: Pôxa amorzinho, amei demais isso que você fez comigo agora!! Gostei muito mesmo, faz de novo, meu amorzinho!!! Então Vitória, levanta seu amado Henry lá no alto,ela fica uns 30 segundos com seu amado Henry lá no alto e mais uma vez, coloca-o em seu colo e eles dois novamente dão outro beijo na boca bastante apaixonados!!! Vitória pergunta ao seu amado Henry o que ele quer que ela com ele agora!!! Henry fala para sua amada Vitória que na hora que eles forem pra casa, pra ela colocá-lo deitado em suas pernas torneadas e amamentá-lo deliciosamente por várias horas!!! E por aí vai….. Vocês continuam a história!!! Se puder conta é dessa maneira, ficarei bastante grato!!! Um abraço!!!

Pierre Gareau
Pierre Gareau

January 21, 2021

I like when the big woman give a beating to a smaller man, I hope you will see more of these in the upcoming Caught that you just announced, because most of the time the stories are too much on the soft side.


January 07, 2021

Of your ideas listed, I am looking forward to seeing how The Bride 3 concludes. Shy Girl and Climbing Mount Megan definitely sound interesting. And your biography idea would be good to read, also. To see something of an author’s life, and how that transfers into his work, would be worth it to see. 2021 should be a good year.

Hunter S Creek
Hunter S Creek

January 05, 2021

The stories featuring female growth are my favorite. Ideally the main female character would begin as young, cute, shy, nerdy, sweet, short, and scrawny, and then grow tall, buff, and busty.
Her growth could be caused by accidental exposure to whatever; purposeful by her; or purposeful by a nerdy male friend who surreptitiously does something to cause her to grow — but over-does it.
Such stories can be done well with either rapid growth, or growh over days, weeks, or months.
I am not a fan of cruel Amazons, but sometimes a bit of payback toward an antagonist can be fun.
Overt sex is not as fun as some sexual tension or teasing.
Over-matched clothes can be just as fun as nudity, and even moreso as it is a reminder of her growth.

How about a story with a short, nerdy wimp who has a crush on a pretty girl. He asks her to a school dance, but is rejected rather rudely. The nerd then asks the pretty girl’s younger, short, nerdy sister. She is thrilled. She has had a secret crush on the nerd for a while. The nerd sees the older sister bully the younger, so he decides to help the younger (and himself indirectly) by surreptitiously giving the younger sister some growth formula. The younger sister grows taller, and fills-out over the course of several days to become a tall, leggy, muscular, and very busty babe. The younger sister has a bit of fun with her older sister, and the nerd as she outgrows each of them. Ther nerd is initially pleased by the younger sister’s growth, then surprised when her growth continues beyond what he had expected, then amazed as she grows even bigger, and then eventually intimidated by her size and new popularity. But, she remains loyal to her nerdy crush, and manages to assuage his intimidation.


January 02, 2021

I want to say that I appreciate more the love, romance and friendship stories. I am not into domination.
I look forward for the following stories: the Bride, Twice your size and Muscle crush. I am also interested in the family story, shy girl and Belinda.
I didn’t see anything concerning Megan in college, Muscle romance and Amazon Island. I do hope there will be further chapters.
I would like very much to see less difference between the size of the characters involved in the stories. The muscle girls are already impressive and powerful, they don’t need to be out of proportion. A bit more of reality please. As a example, the judo lesson in Katie’s story.
You create fabulous muscle girls,I do hope to see more of them.


January 02, 2021

I love the idea of a forum to discuss how we got into this ‘fetish’. For me I was 11, watching James Bond – From Russia With Love, the gypsy girl fight scene where one dominated another, and it spiralled from there, from wrestling to domination & muscle. It took me over 20 years to rediscover that first moment, just a couple of years ago!
Like you said, I wish it wasn’t so stigmatised though and would welcome hearing how others have dealt with it.
As a few others have suggested here though, I find it more exciting for a muscle goddess to beat a similarly sized or even larger man (or woman) and possibly even have to mount a comeback from initially appearing almost beaten. I know there’s plenty of that kind of content on other websites but your artwork is especially good, and it’s not that I don’t enjoy your current stories, I’d just like to see some variation.
Best wishes for 2021, I look forward to further updates.


January 01, 2021



December 31, 2020

I’m new here, but glad to give my opinion. The 4 that most excite me are The Bride, Muscles in the Family, Climbing Mount Megan and The Bar Scene. The blonde in The Bar Scene picture is absolutely stunning. The guys don’t have to be little, just defeated. I would be interested in what others say about this fetish, for me, there was this one particular girl in 8th grade, and then I discovered FBBs in a magazine a few years later. They have just always appealed to me. I’d love to know other’s stories.

Bill Juiced
Bill Juiced

December 31, 2020

I would say that I am most interested in seeing the two shy girls- Bride 3 and Shy Girl. (Been waiting for Shy Girl since your last preview).
I have been waiting for Muscle Romance 3 to see some romance, but hopefully we will see some in Kycolv08’s next presentation.
The volleyballs girls sound interesting possibly.
The traffic incident with the huge FBB caught my eye, but I am most interested in Amazon Love than Amazon domination and humiliation.
So far the Muscles in the Family story has potential. I really do like the idea that the sisters have have a crush on Leon.
Thanks for the preview


December 31, 2020

Love the concept for Climbing Mount Megan!
You gave some of your history, which prompts me to give you some of my preferences & stats:
So many of your stories (& this kinda fetish overall) portray a very large gal & a small guy; except for the excellent artwork, those don’t appeal to me at all (it’s not only little guys that have this fetish)!
I’m 5’11" & 180 lbs (& in good shape); I prefer big girls who easily overwhelm normal-sized guys who exercise, & stun these fellas who thought themselves independent but could be made submissive to a much larger gal (i also like The Bride series very much)… You’ve made other similar stories that are very appealing!
You see, your fans are not only little fellas who could be dominated by anyone a bit larger!
For Mount Megan, please make some of her suitors on the larger size (she’ll beat them all anyway)!


December 31, 2020

I’m looking most forward to the bride 3, climbing mount megan, muscle crush 3 and the volley girls!

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