A message from James: sharing is not caring

July 15, 2021

I appreciate everyone buying my comics. Some of you, however, are sharing and exchanging them online.

You may think it's no big deal to give one of my comics to someone else, in exchange for another comic, by me or another artist or whatever. And yet it is a big deal. The other person might spread my comics further, maybe posting them somewhere on the web, in public. And that's how my comics become available wider and wider. A single shared comic will end up on popular sites, where it is downloaded literally thousands of times. That's just the result of one person sharing one comic. I am not exaggerating.

I don't need to tell you I'm not Marvel or DC comics. I'm a one man business. I have bought a house with my girlfriend and taken a loan from the bank, counting on a steady income from my webshop. I don't believe you want to have any part in destroying that. And unfortunately, that is what you do when you share my comics with anyone. Sharing is not caring. For an independent artist like me, it is destructive.

When I see people share my comics online, I get quite demotivated by the uncaring attitude and the lack of respect. This is a lonely business as it is. If I have to deal with that kind of disrespect, it doesn't make things easier or more fun. The same goes for me having to spend a lot of time contacting sites, writing to pirating customers, drafting and sending takedown notices, consulting other people and agencies, etc.

I would prefer to keep creating comics for you for a long time. If my business is destroyed, or if I get disgusted with this job for other reasons, then I'll have to go back to my previous full time paid job, and there won't be many comics coming out.

I understand not everyone can afford the comics and some people are in rich countries and some are in poor countries. I can't do much about that except for giving discounts, like offering everything at half price on Black Friday.

You and I share something: we have the same kink. We're a niche, a small minority. I try to provide for that niche. I try to bring your fantasies to life. Allow me to do that as my job. Do not share my comics, not with anyone. It is very damaging to me, my family, my creativity, and to future comics, when you do so.

Thanks for reading, and understanding.


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