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At last, Nina is back And she's bigger! The first part of this comic takes place five months after the previous episode, and in all that time, Nina has worked out a lot. Today, she feels the time has come to finally punish Danny's bully, and she shows her dark side, acting as his protectress.

Then we skip another five months and Nina is bigger still. We'll witness a steaming hot scene in Nina's bedroom, where the female bodybuilder completely overpowers and dwarfs her little boyfriend. In the meantime, Danny has confided to her that he loves to be punished, and Nina does anything to make him happy. This episode will be concluded in a fourth part, where Nina and Danny take it up another notch...

Incredible comparisons, humiliation (of the bully), awesome lifts, a bit of spanking, and all 360 pounds of Nina... enjoy!

100 pages.

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