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A couple of months have passed since the twins Mike and John, and their dad, have made the acquaintance of the giant Ivanov females who moved in next door. This chapter is all about Kevin and his relationship with Ana.

Kevin hasn't seen Ana since she moved back to college, and when he goes to pick her up at her sorority house - where he also meets the giant female bodybuilder Cat - he's astounded: Ana has grown even bigger! The young sexy amazon towered over him before but now she absolutely dwarfs the older guy!

After some pretend-anger over Kevin's being late, Ana takes to her lover boy with great gusto, lifting him and putting him in all kinds of delicious positions that you'll be dying to experience yourself!

And then there's the huge Cat, who clearly also wants a piece of Kevin!

This comic features wonderful comparisons, big boobs, facesitting, craddle carrying,  one-hand lifts, smothering, and is mostly NSFW.  

112 pages

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