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Big, sexy female bodybuilder Rory tells us about her first encounter with Kev, a small guy who approached Rory in the park, jokingly suggesting they'd wrestle. "You should have seen his face," Rory says, "when I said yes!".

Rory knows female muscle admirers like Kev (and you) very well, and knows what drives them. She knows exactly what Kev (and you) need, and loves to taunt and tease. Little Kev ends up with more than he bargained for as Rory gives every indication to make their relationship permanent. 

This is a short but very hot female muscle comic with beautiful renders of an amazingly sexy, dominant and confident woman with a cocky attitude and an incredible appetite. The comic features great comparisons, the amazing boobs and muscles of Rory, wrestling and domination. 

38 pages

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