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The boarding school, chapter 4: The power party

It's the big night. Through some muscle-intimidation of supervisor Engels, Sue-Ann has acquired the keys to the teacher's room, where the bodybuilders will have their power party: a celebration of their power and muscle. The guys enter, hesitatingly. Inside, they find the girls, dressed in warrior costumes, larger than life, muscles glistening. Sue-Ann and Morgaine are superconfident and set out to play with their boys, while Caitlyn is gentle with Vincent and is unsure what to do.

Most of the pictures in this chapter were rendered with the new iray engine, which, thanks to new hardware, I have now used for the first time, and I'm very happy with the result. I think this is my best artwork so far. I'm sure you'll see the difference. Moreover, I optimized the pdf compression so for now on you should get even better quality.

PDF, 86 pages

All characters are at least 18 (though especially the guys may look younger, as they are smaller)

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