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Caroline Bigowitz is a six feet seven tall, athletic woman who at the age of 46 is going to make a big jump in her career soon. She's got looks and boobs to die for, and is cocky and confident, as is fitting for a woman of her stature and position. 

Today Caroline has her third interview at a new company for a position of co-CEO, which she would share with the present CEO, who is not doing a very good job but... well, it's a family business and the board doesn't want to fire him...

When Caroline gets home, she's on a power trip and abuses her fresh young slave, whom she dwarfs. We get a good taste of her personality and he... he gets a taste of a bit more than that, let's say.

Next, we find Caroline at her friend Shania's home. Also invited is the sexy young Candice. Shania and Caroline will explain something about their lifestyle and relationship to the young girl, who is "bdsm-curious". Both Shania and Candice are female bodybuilders, and not for the first time Caroline is confronted with the question whether she wouldn't like to have big muscles like the two women.

Apart from featuring three very sexy females, this first episode contains physical and mental domination, facesitting, a bit of lifting and strangling, flexing, worshipping, beautiful comparisons, and more juicy stuff!

103 pages

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