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In this second chapter of the superhot Babysitter series, we see part of the story related from Dean's point of view. We read how the small man quickly gets enthralled with the beautiful young female bodybuilder Grace, fearing her and lusting after her at the same time

There's an amazing scene in which Dean feels up the massive girl's muscles as she is sleeping - or IS she sleeping? Later, as Grace asks for a ride home, the bodybuilder takes full control in the car and what follows is a NSFW situation that will absolutely blow your socks off.

As it's clear that both Dean and his wife are now fascinated with the female bodybuilder, how will they choose to proceed?

Or will it maybe not be up to them at all...? 

This comic features amazing comparisons, lift and carry, forced kissing, armwrestling, lapsitting, domination, muscle worship, an incredibly hot NSFW scene in a car, and much more!

105 pages

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