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While his parents are traveling the world, Devon watches their house in Los Angeles and makes some money renting one of the rooms out through airbnb. He gets to keep half of the money, his parents take the other half.

This time, he's in for a shock as the new guest arrives. Brooke is a stunning beauty, measuring almost almost eight feet in height: a true giantess. Her face is beautiful, her boobs are big: everyone would fall for this girl. But what Devon hadn't expected is that he'd find her height so sexy.

Brook is in town to audition for a movie. The producers were looking for an "Amazonian woman". Is she muscular enough or...?

We'll see the twosome interacting and getting closer and closer together, even as Devon has a girlfriend. 

Brooke is a new kind of creature in Amazonias: taller than everyone else, though less muscular (though she has a very nice fit physique and works out). 

You'll find great comparisons, sexy shots, beautiful boobs, a really hot lifting scene, lapsitting, and much more of the fun you've come to expect from my comics.

100 pages

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