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The thee gigantic volleybabes are back, and this time it's not just tall, beautiful Sandy and her little boy Ted. Oh no! In this second episode, each of the giantesses gets their own miniman to play with.

First we follow sexy Tina as she gets more acquainted with the extremely shy Mike in the school library. Tina eventually takes him to the gym to see if he likes her body and muscles, after which... they land in Tina's bedroom. The big boobed, athletic mammoth-sized girl shows Mike exactly what she is physically capable of.

Next, it's Dawn's turn, and she has the hots for her old professor, tiny Eddie. Dawn demonstrates a more forward approach than her friend, just making clear to Eddie that she wants him and that... he is hers. Dawn lifts, smothers and tramples him in his office, and takes him every which way. 

Of course, the three girls are very keen to meet the other girls' new conquests, and Sandy invites all of them to a party at her place. The giantesses go all out, handling their toy-boys with gentle lifts as well as demonstrating slightly more dominant behavior. It's a feast for the eyes and you'll wish yourself right with them!

This comic contains the biggest height disparities in all Amazonias comics so far! If you're a fan of girls really towering over their boys and smothering them with and in their massive bodies, this one is for you! The comic features incredible comparisons and lifts, romance, girls almost drowning in the giantess's bodies, smothering, lapsitting, NSFW scenes, throwing and much more!

105 pages

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