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When little Perry and huge female bodybuilder Samantha wake up the next morning, their situation hasn't improved: there are still on the raft, in the middle of an unknown ocean, with no land or rescue in sight.

To Perry's fear, the gigantic amazon demonstrates more and more unstable behavior, changing rapidly between being angry and kind. Being alone on a raft with an unpredictable giantess obviously worries Perry, who decides to obey. The amazon wishes to mainly keep herself occupied by having sex with Perry and using him as a work out.

But the main bone of contention becomes the amount of food they will each eat, and what they'll do when they run out. As he gets abused again and again by the amazon, Perry is fearing more and more for his life...

Also: what the hell are they doing on the raft? (I suggest you don't look too closely at the previews if you don't want the plot to be spoiled.) 

This is an all action comic that's extra long, with lots of NSFW scenes, with lifts, lapsitting, amazing comparisons. 

145 pages

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