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We're two months later. Both couples, Jennifer and Adrian, and Elizabeth and Zach, are discovering more and more of each other. We're meeting the foursome on a weekend holiday in Virginia beach

It's going to be two days full of hotness, of course, with bulging biceps and big boobs glistening on the beach and in hot tubs. Jennifer is happy with Adrian, but she still fancies young Zach - she's a nymphomaniac after all, and an extremely strong and muscular one! How can Jennifer get a piece of Zach and keep everyone happy at the same time? She'll try to find out!

Also present in the hotel is another couple, the guy taking a keen interest in the bodybuilders. Will he get involved in the muscleparty as well? Read and find out! 

Incredibly sexy female muscle, lifts, great boob shots, flexing, workout exercises with Zach as a weight, and much more... You'll die for these two female bodybuilders!

104 pages

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