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This comic is special: it is part of the Sophie's Property series, but at the same time also of the Muscle Therapy series. You can read this comic without having read Muscle Therapy, and in fact this comic contains a summary of all that happened in the Muscle Therapy series. A spoiler warning is given right before this summary begins, and you can skip it in case you would like to read Muscle Therapy first.

After Sophie had her way with little Todd, she tells him to worship her while she makes a phonecall to a friend. They agree to meet, and after some more studying Sophie takes Robbie to her friend's house. She, of course, turns out to be none less than Eleonore from Muscle Therapy, who now is living together with her former therapist, Eric. The couple explains to Todd how they met. When the female bodybuilders retreat to the pool, we also hear from Eric what happened after the last therapy session that we witnessed. It's an incredibly sexy flashback, during which Eleonore puts Eric in his place and sets the tone for the rest of the relationship.

You'll enjoy the well-constructed plot, the incredible bodies and beauty of the girls, and the wonderful domination. I'm sure this one will leave you on the edge of your seat and looking out for the sequel!

111 pages

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