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This bundle contains all five chapters of the Sophie's Property series, plus the Sophie's Strength special - altogether almost six hundred pages of female muscle! 

Sophie, a six foot nine gigantic female bodybuilder is one of the most popular musclegirls (musclegoddess is actually a better word) in all of Amazonias.

Sophie's story begins doing a run, when she literally (and intentionally!) bumps into a small guy called Todd, whom she will later start calling Fiver, because he's actually just five feet tall!

The big musclewoman takes Fiver home and holds him hostage, making him her toy. Later in the series, we'll meet Sophie's bodybuilder friend Eleonore, whom many readers may now from the Muscle Therapy series (hence that title of some of the chapters in this series).

These glorious female muscle comics contain some unforgettable lifting, comparison and domination scenes, as well as beautiful shots of all muscular female bodyparts (but especially.... glutes!). 

I guarantee you'll wish yourself in Fiver's spot, and will never want to leave Sophie, or her story to end...

584 pages!

For thumbnails, see the individual comics:

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