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When David catches his train just in time, he believes nothing can keep him from making the premiere of a new movie he's dying to see.

But that's counting without the two young female bodybuilders he runs into. They're built like a brick wall, they're huge, they're beautiful, and they are *really* hungry for sex.

The two musclegirls, Katy and Valerie, take turns taking David, first on the train, then in the toilets in the first station. It's not just a rough ride, it's *many* rides. David's stamina surprises even him, as he's driven again and again to a terrific climax.

I can't show much in the previews, because practically this whole comic is one big NSFW scene... Be careful.

This short comic by Lecter38 features two big boobed, beautiful, tall and muscular girls, domination, lifts, boob smothering, facesitting, lots of amazon positions, and lots more. 

All characters are at least 18.

56 pages

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