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An an idyllic holiday location, far from the madding crowd... It's island after island, along a rugged coast. 

Some people love a challenge, and swim from one island to another. But they may overestimate themselves. like our guy Hunter here. He's in serious trouble, and he knows it. The distance is much greater than he anticipated. or his body weaker. or both...

When he shouts for help, a strong, blonde, young female bodybuilder answers, and Hunter discovers something new about himself...

You're going to feast your eyes on Kittie, an incredibly sexy musclegoddess who overpowers, outsizes and outmuscles Hunter when she's just blinking her eyes. 

This story features incredible comparisons, lift and carry, romance, gentle domination, muscle worship, and more... Kittie will blow your socks off, guaranteed!

112 pages

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