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Oh yes! It's time to get a bit closer acquainted with one of Tania's bigger Sisters, Vivian. This incredibly huge musclegirl is a tiny bit nervous because she's going on a date with Bennie, a friend of Tim's. 
It's gonna be a double date, with Vivian and Bennie, and Tania and Tim, all dressing up and going out to eat. Little Bennie turns out to be an avid female muscle admirer, to the surprise of the others and to the joy of Vivian. The huge female bodybuilder then takes him on a nightly outing to her gym where they have an incredibly hot session together...
This comic is part of the My Girlfriend Tania-series but can easily be read as a stand-alone comic. It features incredibly tall women and thus very impressive size comparisons, a car lift, Vivian's huge boobs, romance, muscle worship, and finally a long, hot NSFW scene that'll blow your socks off. 
Vivian is waiting for you!

109 pages

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