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Tim and Tania's relationship is put to the ultimate test after Tania's mischievous gigantic sisters place Tim in a no-win scenario. The boy had previously experienced a sexually intense moment with Tania's mother but there was a line that the older, wiser and happily married woman did not cross. Will Tania's young, single and horny sister be able to exercise the same restraint?

Watch the interaction between Tim and Vivian, and see how Tania handles the shocking situation which unfolds before her eyes. Surrounded by tall muscular amazons who are clearly exponentially stronger than him, will Tim be able to walk out of the situation in one piece?

This chapter features female domination, fantastic feats of female strength (for the lovers of superhuman power!), sex, exciting female aggression, some of the most extreme size differences ever in an Amazonias comic, lift and carry situations, and a healthy dose of drama.

101 pages

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