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Tim is a senior high school student, who just turned 18. He's the luckiest man alive, because he recently started a relationship with Tania, a towering amazon his age. They have been friends for a while, but their romantic relationship is very new. 

In this first chapter, we are introduced to the main characters, and see how they are enjoying each other and each other's big bodies - the comparisons are impressive, Tania is very tall! 

Tania isn't the only muscular female in her family though - in fact, everyone sports big muscles like her. Even her smaller sister Megan, who has a bit of a problem with Tim and Tania's relationship and fears that her sister is slipping away from her. And so she tries to "convince" little Tim to stay away from Tania...

With this comic, we're welcoming another new artist to Amazonias! It features, as always of course, great female muscle, wonderful comparisons, sexy women, lift-and-carry, some girl-on-girl action, and much more! 

105 pages

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