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In the final part of this series, Ryan and his flame, the huge female bodybuilder Caroline, finally get to it. There's some more foreplay first, but you won't mind: Caroline bends a steel weighted bar right in front of the small boy's eyes, after which he's briefly in heaven being hugged by her. 

The duo then moves to the bedroom, where the musclegirl easily picks up little Ryan and kisses him passionately, before dropping him on the bed.  Caroline proceeds by taking off her clothes and then she's all Ryan's to worshop to his heart's content! The little man feels up her incredible biceps and humongous thighs. And then the musclegirl hasn't even gotten on top of him!

This comic is full of NSFW action and features beautiful comparisons, Caroline's incredible body - mostly without clothes - incredibly sexy poses, worshipping, lifting, feats of strength, and much more. Ryan gets the happy ending he's always dreamed of!

76 pages

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