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Having a bigger and stronger younger sister, Robbie was happy when he could escape home for college. Now he's back home and he hasn't seen his sister Bridget in two years. She intrudes on Robbie and his friend Tim - former wrestling teammates - fighting on the mat for old time's sake.

Bridget is just eighteen but has an amazingly muscular body by now, and she's supersexy to boot! She challenges little Timmy, and then takes both boys to the living room, where she punishes them for teaming up against her. Next, the young female bodybuilder takes Timmy to her bedroom to have some fun with him.

The story features wrestling, lifts, comparisons, and extremely hot NSFW scenes and poses. Bridget is dominant but not cruel, and so ubersexy that you'll wish yourself in the boys' place. 

A marvellous story by lecter38

108 pages

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