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Jack is not very enthusiastic about the yearly summer weekend in the old country club, believing that this year is going to be the same as always: lots of old people and kids, no one his age.

He's wrong. This year is different. The family next door is different. It's not that they are Asian-American. It's that... the women are incredible. The mom is big, but the daughters - Mey and Lynn, are completely off the charts. They're incredibly sexy and beautiful female bodybuilders: true Muscle Bombshells!

Jack and his little brother Zack get acquainted with them quickly. And while Zack is too young to get anything but hugs and lifts from the amazons, Jack is in for A LOT more! The girls introduce their bodies to him in all possible ways. They make Jack worship them, they dominate him, shower with him. We get to see the glorious beauty of their muscle bombshell bodies from all angles!

This first comic in the series Muscle Bombshells features incredibly sexy Asian amazons, lifts, foot play, muscle worship, breast smothering, body squeezing, incredible comparisons and a NSFW scene in the shower.

111 pages

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