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In part one, we were introduced to Kurt, the 32 year old German who ran into the georgous young Dutch female bodybuilder Annelies. After Annelies commanded him to apply sunblock all over her body, the big girls' mother, Nina, appeared, and she is just as muscular as her daughter.

Women with such incredibly muscular bodies are used to getting what they want, from anyone, and Annelies knows what she wants. In Dutch, she tells her mom that she's considering taking Kurt with her, because she likes him. 

Kurt is truly taken aback when big Nina bends down over him and inspects him. Is he an obedient servant? Nina is doubtful that her daughter has taught him any manners. Annelies knows that whether her mom approves of Kurt or not will depend on how Annelies can make him obey her. And thus the young female bodybuilder will do her best to dominate the hell out of the small man.

But before they can take Kurt home, the threesome has to confront his wife...

Be warned, this comic is quite intense. Is this a dream come true or a nightmare waiting to happen for Kurt? Whatever it is, it is full of muscle beauty, incredible comparisons, fleshy, massive muscle, and awesome lift and carry scenes!

100 pages.

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