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This is the story of Mike Lucky, a young guy who's dreamt of being overpowered by tall female bodybuilders for a long time. We'll get to him soon, but in the first part of this series, you will hear the story of Mike's dad Tim and his stepmom Karen.

A few years ago, when Tim married Karen, she was just a tall, beautiful woman. It was only after Tim's business went down the drain that problems arose in their little household, and they started to fight. Then, at the suggestion of her neighbor, an ex-military man, Karen picks up working out and... gets a real taste for it.

Karen gets bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger, up to the point where she takes charge of the household and uses and abuses her much smaller husband...

This series by new artist Ronkenobi is based on a story by Fanfit. This episode contains (natural) female muscle growth, a whole lot of NSFW stuff, including hand jobs, blow jobs and boob jobs, lots of lifting in some pretty amazing positions, workouts & flexing, lapsitting, domination, humiliation, and much more!

98 pages

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