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Young female bodybuilder Megan has just learned about the awful thing her nemesis Ellie, the other huge musclegirl on campus, is doing to her roommate Leslie. Megan sprints to the rescue, and a battle ensues between the two powergirls. Bodies as well as cars fly through the air!

The confrontation with Ellie is less easy than Megan expected, but help comes from an unexpected corner: Megan's mom, who is taller and bigger than almost anyone on the planet, shows up and joins in the action... only to take off a moment later to play with the other boys, Jim and Eddie, in their room! What follows is a NSFW two-on-one scene that has to be seen to be believed! Muscles explode, members throb, and there's a lot of moaning and crying!

Readers will be delighted at Kurt Logan bringing back Megan (and Tania's) mom in this episode. Lots of hotness, superstrength action, lifting and domination, but also tenderness and romance! This comic has everything for everyone!

105 pages

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