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This female muscle comic series is set in the same universe and features the same characters as the series My Girlfriend Tania. The events in this series happen three years later, and the story centers around Megan, Tania's younger sister.

Megan, taller, bigger and three years older, is off for college, and we meet her on the day she checks in, dropped by Tim, her soon-to-be brother in law.

Due to some error, the big musclegirl ends up with a small boy named Leslie as a roommate. Quickly Megan learns that Leslie was tormented by his previous roommate, another big young female bodybuilder called Ellie. 

In this part, we get introduced to Leslie and his friends, as well as to the big, gorgeous but mean Ellie, who continues to mistreat Leslie and his friends, but is confronted now with Megan...

Fans of Megan and the other characters from My Girlfriend Tania will delight in this new storyline, which provides everything for both lovers of mean and gentle musclegoddesses of supernatural strength. 

109 pages

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