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This collection contains parts 6 to 10 of my bestselling and personal favorite Katie. Katie is the epic story of a young girl discovering that she loves muscles, strength, and power. She experiences the antagonism of her dad, she finds love in the person of small Nathan, and friendship with fellow bodybuilding giantess Angela.

This bundle starts of with the first bedroom encounter between Nathan and Katie, after a long absence of Katie. Both are eighteen now, and nothing is standing in the way of a hot night full of muscle. In the next part, Katie's superhot friend Angela is introduced, and both Nathan and his friend Tom are introduced to this stunning giantess. The next part features a wonderful pool scene, where the girls completely overpower their scrawny boyfriends, and where Angela carries Tom to her bedroom. Furthermore, you'll see several scenes where Katie confronts her father, a sauna scene where Angela dominates both Tom and his girlfriend, and later asks him who he will choose, and a boardwalk with Katie and Nathan where the young bodybuilder confronts a muscular guy, right before the couple withdraws into a cabin to play some more.

It's an awesome collection of steaming hot, sexy and beautiful female muscle scenes, with eye for plot and character development. 

This bundle contains:
Katie 6
Katie 7
Katie 8
Katie 9
Katie 10

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