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When a young man finds a very special bottle on his run, he has no idea his life is about to change forever. Upon opening it, a very big and beautiful genie emerges and pledges that she will fulfill all his wishes. However, what the young man will soon learn is that the wishes that really matter in this relationship are hers.

Meet Jeannie, a very special genie in a bottle who is ageless, amazingly tall, beautifully muscled, fantastically strong, cunning, mischievous and very kinky. She can grow at will, and can grant you anything you desire. Most importantly, she has been trapped inside her bottle for hundreds of years and now that she is finally free, she feels an incredible need for personal connection and sexual satisfaction. 
This female muscle comic is Kurt Logan's modern and muscular take on a classic story set in legend. It contains scenes of comparisons, female domination, instant growth, lift and carry, explicit NSFW scenes, and a dash of humor. Just like Jeannie, this comic will satisfy all your desires and all your dreams of muscular woman.

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