House of Calves - 1 - 6 COMPLETE


This product combines the six chapters of the House of Calves series, at a great price: you save 14$!

House of Calves (a wordplay on the TV-series House of Cards, in case you don't know), is the story of Marianne, a very tall and very muscular college student. Marianne needs to find money for her father's cancer treatment.
Charles Loch is a billionaire who wants to tackle a political opponent, senator Mike Evans. Mr. Evans has a preference for amazon girls - it's his little, dirty secret. In between all three is private detective Lipinski, who will try to find - or create - the dirt on senator Evans, for Charles Loch.
In this sexy story I paid special attention not just to cute muscular girls dominating small men (as always) but also to the plotline and to character development.

Beauty, muscle, power, intrige are combined into a fascinating and sexy plot with good guys and bad guys, and one incredible girl.

This product has 545 pages in total, plus the free teaser.

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