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Three muscular college girls return to school from the summer holidays and each one tells their story in their own words.

Vanessa participated in a pageant in what she called her "podunk little town". The pageant organizer clearly was into the participants, though not in huge female bodybuilder Vanessa. When she didn't win, she took it out on him.

Jen was waitressing and messed around with an all too eager customer. She told him she's been a bad girl and needed a slap on the butt. But the customer was in for a surprise when she reversed the roles!

Larissa, raised by very conservative parents, finally lost her virginity and took her boyfriend to a hotel for a very wild night during which she impressed and delighted him with her ferocious muscles. In the meantime, she learned that she loved to be the dominant one.

This hot comic features three beautiful young female bodybuilders, awesome lifts, lapsitting (and -slapping), domination from nice to mean, and three steaming NSFW scenes.

This comic was originally commissioned by Amysconquest.com and first appeared there. Visit their site for more awesome female musclecomics!


124 pages

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