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Gretchen, having grown on the Donald's very last pill, enjoys her huge muscles and power and shows them off, lifting and carrying Donald around all day when she's not f*cking him. On a short break, the female bodybuilder and her tiny guy go into town. They are spotted by Rooney, a girl who previously was lucky enough to try Donald's growth pills. Today, she could badly use one again, given a certain situation she finds herself in.

Rooney follows Donald and Gretchen home and is witness to a domestic incident. Later, she'll go to Donald - who in former times had a crush on her - and beg him for a pill, so that she can confront her asshole husband who is divorcing her with the help of expensive lawyers.

Will Donald fold? 

This comic features female muscle growth, lifting and carrying, face sitting, some acrobatic NSFW scenes, female domination, wonderful comparisons, and some great storytelling. 

115 pages.

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