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It's been quite a few years since Jason has seen his ex girlfriend Mina. At the time, he chose to leave her because she didn't meet his fantasy of a strong, muscular, tall woman. Mina's always wanted Jason back, and she's put in the work!

When Mina is in town for a job interview, Jason is in for the suprise of his life when they finally meet up again. His previously average girlfriend has grown into the woman of his dreams: a gorgeous, tall, ubermuscular bodybuilder who is massive even for Amazonias" standards.

Will Mina indeed turn out to be the dream girlfriend Jason has always fantasized about, or is she more than he can actually handle?

This female muscle comic features amazing comparisons, lift and carries, gentle domination, muscle worship, a great NSFW scene and more juiciness.

Amazonias welcomes creator Haseu for his first Amazonias comic!

128 pages

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