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Big female bodybuilder Jess convinces little Soren to give her more intel on the plans of her ex-boyfriend Arthur and his new flame. Turns out, says a strongarmed Soren, they'll be at the movie theatre that weekend. And so Jess happens to be there too, on the same day, for the same movie. She teases the couple, and then tells them what she wants. 

The next day, we see the muscular Jess as Soren's parents' place. Soren explains that being her spy is turning problematic, but Jess tells him it's time to give him his reward... And oh is Soren ever in for a treat! He'll just have to go along with Jess's fantasy for them...

This superhot chapter contains intimidation and domination by the incredibly sexy and confident Jess, as well as lapsitting, comparisons, smothering, flexing, lifts and certainly one of the most amazing climaxes any male ever enjoyed in Amazonias! This is one you'll be fantasizing about long after you've closed your pdf!

107 pages

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