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This is the final official instalment of the Big Sister series. After this, there will be two more stand alone comics with the same characters.

We finish with a bang: an extra long comic in which Caitlyn continues to grow and uses tiny Benny and Eddie as her slaves like never before!

Having made a lot of money from selling their adult videos online, Caitlyn lives in a great house together with her minions. We follow her day from morning to evening as she almost literally drains Eddie and gets bigger and stronger in the process. She lifts him up, makes him feel small, overpowers him and makes him worship her. 

And Benny, her brother, is watching all the way, and putting everything on film. Caitlyn knows he's full of awe and envy.

This extra long female domination comic is quite explicit and a bit diabolical, so don't say you didn't get a heads-up! It's brimful of NSFW scenes, there's a lot of jerking and coming, extreme domination, lots of comparisons, lifting, flexing, and so much more. 

Once again the artwork is by James Stilton while text and story are by Joyce Julep.

141 pages

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