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Amazon Island is every amazon admirer's dream. But it's also the dream of strong women who want to overpower small men. Because Amazon Island provides a home for big, muscular girls who love to dominate. 

The series starts with a prologue - set in the late nineties - in which we are introduced to Ari. Then the tale switches to the present day, where we meet Alexia, a beautiful strong woman, who is unable to find her sexual match. Desperate for men who can handle her, she searches the web, and finds a site advertising Amazon Island. She applies...

My aim with this story is to create a fantasy that actually feels real. A story that you, as an amazon admirer, want to disappear into. I won't offer any clichés, but a solid plot and character development, with - of course - massive, beautiful and sexy women, toying with their tiny men.

Buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride with the Amazons!

111 pages!

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