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Tania's family, as you know, is a family of incredibly huge people. That is, except for Bob, the only male in the family. In this amazing comic, we find Bob, Janet and their three hugely muscular daughters together, as well as Tania's friend Tim. It's the holidays, and they have gathered together for Christmas. One could say that, after the events that caused so much pain to the family, things are back to normal. Or... as normal as a family with towering amazons can be.

Have you ever wondered how Tania's mom, the incredibly tall and huge female bodybuilder Janet, ended up with Bob, a good looking but otherwise quite ordinary guy? Sitting by the fireplace, Janet tells the incredible story of how they met. It's a tale of danger, muscles, power, strength, and intense, passionate sex, that is sure to captivate you!

This comic is all about Janet and Bob and has extreme feats of strength, awesome size differences and comparisons, lift and carry, romance, a very hot NSFW scene.

113 pages

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