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It’s a hard time for the huge musclegirl Tania and tiny Tim. It’s been days since the unfortunate events that ended their relationship and the whole ordeal has taken a toll on Tania, to the point where the female bodybuilder has begun to take it out on the people she cares about. Meanwhile, Tim receives help from a most unexpected source, who
pledges to help him get his girlfriend back.

Watch Tania begin to fall down the rabbit hole and transform from a sweet cheerful young woman into someone much darker who is starting to understand she can do anything to anyone, meeting no resistance to her female strength at all.

Will the musclegirl be able to stop her own fall before she crosses a line she can’t turn back from?

Also, in this chapter you’ll see Megan dealing with bullies and what sex between Tania’s dad and gigantic mom looks like. This hot female muscle comic features female domination, feats of female strength, sex, mild violence, one-girl vs many wrestling, extreme size difference and lift and carry situations.

103 pages

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