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Here's another stand-alone comic set in the universe of the My Girlfriend Tania-series!

Amazon giantess Janet and her husband Bob are enjoying a nice summer day at home with their four powerful amazon daughters. After an incredible display of strength from their daughter Tania, Bob's contribution is questioned by Megan, their youngest.

Bob will prove himself later, but first we follow a typical day in the life of the enormous Janet as she deals with her insecure husband and then punishing a pair of idiots in a coffeeshop. Next, she has to deal with a situation at her daughter's school, involving a principal who is bigoted against tall sexy muscular women.

This comic features a 9 foot tall massively muscular amazon and her daughters, feats of strength, size comparisons, lapsitting, a NSFW scene, lifts and carrying, soft domination, intimidation, humiliation, big boobs, romance, and much more!

112 pages

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