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Tim and Tania’s relationship is off to a rocky start; not only is Tania a very tall girl with the body of a female bodybuilder, many times stronger than her boyfriend: her younger sister is also bigger and much stronger than the young man and has made it very clear she wants him away from Tania.

With the intention of ironing out the issues between the two, Tania invites Tim over to her home to have diner with her family and hopefully get Megan’s acceptance in the process. Tim is in for a huge surprise however because he is about to find out that Megan and Tania are actually the smallest members of her family. Will he get through the evening unscathed?

This issue features the biggest amazon ever to appear on Amazonias (Tania's mom), female domination, lift-and-carry situations, comparisons, muscle growth, feats of amazing female strength and more!

111 pages

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