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At Caitlyn's instigation, her brother Benny has just lured his friend Eddie to their house. Eddie thinks this is just about playing the latest game Benny has bought. He's unaware that he'll soon be Caitlyn's victim.

When the huge musclegirl comes in, Eddie can't believe his eyes. And when she starts taunting him and tell shim to do things, he gets almost speechless. And what about Caitlyn's brother? Will Benny just watch, scared to say anything at all?

This is another smoking hot episode of the sexy, cocky female bodybuilder Caitlyn, who thoroughly enjoys overpowering small men and toying with them.

This comic features awe-inspiring comparisons, beautiful boobs, Caitlyn's beauty, cockiness and incredible muscles, lifts, lapsitting, humilation, domination and much more.

88 pages

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