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This is a free, short vignette, about bodybuilder Caitlyn and her older brother. It's told in Caitlyn's voice, and starts like this...

"Hey there, I'm Caitlyn. I heard you like strong, muscular girls? Well, I'm one of them! You wanna hear a story? What about the day i started dominating my brother?

I was sixteen, he was eighteen. I was probably around six two, maybe six three at that time, and he was maybe five two or something (he hasn't grown much since). You'd be forgiven to think that we are from different parents...

I didn't just tower over him, I also had these bulging muscles already, cause I had been working out since I was thirteen. Very intensely, very passionately.

I'm not sure what prompted my cocky attitude to him that day. But whatever it was, I'm glad it happened..."

23 pages

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