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"Oh, it's you again!" Caitlyn addresses the reader. "You came back for more of my power, didn't you?

Very well. But I'm warning you. Things are going to get worse.

I'm really not a nice girl. Are you sure you want to hear?"

Caitlyn and Benny are home alone for a few days and Caitlyn has moved all her chores to Benny. When he hasn't done them by the next day, Caitlyn feels she still needs to make things more clear for him. She does that right in front of Benny's girlfriend Sarah.

Caitlyn is as dominant as she's beautiful, and as hot as female bodybuilders come. Her character is not for the squeamish (think Marjorie!). She revels in showing her brother how much bigger and stronger she is than him, and is determined to subjugate him entirely to her.

Exquisite female domination, teasing, comparisons, verbal taunting, sexy female musclebeauty. Caitlyn will make you cry!

68 pages, at a special cheap price!

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