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"Aah, there you are, little one," Caitlyn says to the reader, "Long time ago, isn't it? Hang on a sec... Just let me finish this set of one-arm push-ups. Anyway, I'm glad you came, because you know... I've grown quite a bit since we last met..."

Oh yes, big musclegirl Caitlyn has grown. Incredibly so. She's now a couple of years older and she's gonna show you exactly how much bigger she has become, and much bigger than her brother she now is.

And the huge female bodybuilder has a very special request for her brother. She's going to make him do something he really doesn't want to do. Do you dare find out what it is?

Exquisite female domination, teasing, comparisons, verbal taunting, sexy female musclebeauty. Caitlyn will make you cry!

53 pages

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