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This is the story of the sexy, muscular Rhonda, who just turned eighteen and is still in high school. Living with only her horrible dad, Rhonda longs to move out of the house. Only, she doesn't have the funds. A hot experience in school with one of her minions gives her an idea.

Not much later, the young female bodybuilder is in contact with Derek, a 45 year old endocrinologist, with a fetish for tall, athletic women like her.  And thus starts an incredible new series that will have you wish Rhonda near you, and, by lack thereof, worship her through your screen.

This series contains some of my best work, with much attention to detail and a great plot. It features the amazingly sexy and beautiful Rhonda, subtle and not so subtle domination, (including financial domination), workouts, (throat)lifts, a NSFW scene, flexing, comparisons, and much more!

118 pages

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