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The incredibly tall and sexy Caitlyn continues here uninhibited domination of her two minions, Benny and Eddie. Whereas the previous episode was mostly focused on sitting positions, this one is all about standing, providing an even better view of the contrast between the goddess and mere mortals!

Caitlyn plays with them like with toy solders, putting them on top of each other, making them walk under her, lifting them, making them climb her... It's an incredible sight.

This is the second of two Big Sister comics that was commissioned by a fan. It's different from the other comics in the series in that Caitlyn is a good chunk bigger still than in even the final chapter of the series. She's somewhere between a mini-giantess and a true giantess I guess.

This episode features the tallest model ever in amazonias, mindblowing comparisons, lifting, domination, muscle worship flexing, breastfeeding, smothering, double aerial blowjobs, and more...

75 pages + 23 bonus pages

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