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Claire has caught her incredibly muscular girlfriend Kate in the act with her dad!

We first witness a flashback of how the female bodybuilder approached Roger, and did a whole series of excercises, using him and his daughter as weights in the home gym. 

Back to Kate and Claire then:  they make up, first with words, then with... deeds. Kate has a toy with her that she calls Big Bertha, and she brings Claire to absolute ecstasy.

Next, Kate goes back to Roger, and gives him a similar treatment, rapturing and vanquishing him, riding, lifting and devouring him!

This female muscle comic is quite explicit and features a lot of strap-on action. There's a lot of crazy lifts, both during the workout and the NSFW scenes (which this comic is full of). Further you'll enjoy smothering, breastfeeding, There's pretty rough domination, though Kate is always somehow gentle and kind. As you see, this is another comic you better sit down for...

117 pages

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