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Musclegirl Kittie saved hunter from drowning during an exotic holiday. She easily lifted him in her muscular arms and carried him out of the water. Kitty and Hunter took a liking to each other, but Kittie didn't want to go further because Hunter was still a minor. They promised to meet again on Hunter's 18th birthday.

In the meantime, Kittie doubles down in the gym, wanting to get as big as possible for him. Hunter has a small incident on the way to her, but when they meet, it's heaven!

The female bodybuilder flashes her incredible muscles for the little birthday boy, suggests an original use of her thigh muscles, and does everything she wants with him. It's a musclefeast like you've rarely seen!

This story features a gorgeous and grown Kitty, with big boobs and incredible muscles, flexing, NSFW stuff, workouts, female muscle growth, gentle domination, lift and carry, romance, and lots more... 

110 pages

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