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Since Tania and Tim have been living together, they've been able to get physical a lot more frequently. That doesn't sound too bad for an amazon and her amazon admirer, but the thing is... they are both soon realizing that women like Tania are not easily satisfied.

After an NSFW scene in which Tania squeezes every drop out of Tim, the two each have a conversation: Tania with her mom, whom she has seen enter a hotel with an unknown man, and Tim with Tania's dad. 

The young couple will learn a thing or two about dealing with their particular situation from the older generation. WIll Tania and Tim follow in their footsteps and bring more people into their relationship? Or is that idea just way too scary?

Enjoy the beautiful and sexy female bodybuilder Tania in amazing comparisons with her boyfriend Tim, stare dumbfoundely at the incredible size of Tania's mom, enjoy lifts and holds and boobs and everything you've come to expect from an Amazonias comic!

103 pages

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